What's The Best Way To Clear A Clogged Drain?


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Environmentally Friendly

Liquid and crystal drain cleaners are not only marginally ineffective, they're toxic AND dangerous. At ClearPipes, we use a mechanical system to quickly and safely clean your drains.

Intelligent Drain Cleaning

Don't guess at the condition of your drains. At ClearPipes we use video to inspect your drains from the sink, toilet or drain all the way to the city sewer. And we give you a recording of our results!

Guaranteed Service

Only ClearPipes offers a 60 day "No More BackUps" Guarantee. You paid to have your drain cleared - why should you have to pay for it a second time? Call and ask us for details.


High Powered Sink Cleaning.

Our 1/3 Horsepower Sink Cleaner Powers Through The Toughest Clogs Quickly And Quietly. You'll Be Back Using Your Kitchen In No Time!



Clogged Toilet? We Handle The Toughest Jobs.

Residential or commercial. No toilet Job is too tough for ClearPipes. Call NOW to get that clogged toilet cleared FAST.

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Flooded Parking Lot? Yeah. We Do Those Too.

Flooded floors can be a real Drag. Call ClearPipes Today To Get Those Drains And Sewer Pipes Flowing Again.

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​Customer stories

Sanjiv Rana

Sanjiv Rana

Ricardo did a great job. He was on time, he was flexible because I had to reschedule him due to my work. After all good clean work and very fair price. I recommend Ricardo..

Richard Bueckert

FINALLY! A drain cleaning company that answers your questions and provides a REAL QUOTE without all the "well if this..." B.S. wiggle clauses I got from the other companies so they could charge me more once they arrived. Ricardo from CLEAR PIPES arrived ON TIME and got the job done with no mess and no hassles. Best of all - the price I paid was exactly what I was quoted! Would definitely recommend Ricardo and CLEAR PIPES.

Alice Wheaton

Ricardo was great to work with...he came after hours because I was desperate and was happy to help me out. When I had the next issue (rental properties) he was the one I called...and will continue to count on!

Drain and Sewer Backups Are A Pain

Call ClearPipes For Fast Service 24/7.

Clogged and Backed Up Drains Aren't Just An Inconvenience, They're A Hazard.

Sadly, it's true. Grey and black water can contain millions of bacterial and viral contaminants that could seriously affect your health. If you have sewer or drain problems, don't delay - call ClearPipes and have your drain problems solved quickly and affordably.

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